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London Summit on Family Planning

Making lifesaving contraceptives available to an additional 120 million women and girls by 2020


New logo: Flying the flag for UK aid

Aid from Britain will be badged with a Union Flag overseas, as a clear symbol that it comes from the United Kingdom

Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan

A full round-up of the Tokyo Conference and what it agreed

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DFID's Annual Report 2011-12

New figures track the success of UK aid around the globe

DFID projects database

Find summaries of the projects we fund, including the results they aim to achieve and how much they cost

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I recently travelled to Helmand province in the south of Afghanistan to see for myself the activities DFID and others carry out there. I was most interested in seeing improvements in governance and basic service delivery. It was an exciting trip which involved a plane and a thrilling ride in a Chinook...


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Local Government Team Leader, DFID Afghanistan