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Written evidence from Dr Pawan Randev (CFI 48)


—  The commissioning of services that either work across [health and social care] boundaries, or are intimately linked is therefore an issue to which the Committee attaches great importance, and we intend to review the effectiveness of the structures proposed in the Bill which are designed to safeguard co-operative arrangements which already exist and promote the development of new ones. (Paragraph 107)

1. There is an issue concerning the future of successful Practice Based Commissioning schemes. As a practice we have demonstrated over four years the ability to save the NHS £250-500,000 per annum using a series of PBC initiatives at practice level. This has resulted from undertaking work normally performed in secondary care in our practice. Thus we make fewer referrals to hospital and this whole process is in line with QIPP. However the wholesale removal of PBC means that our ability to do this is compromised. There appear to be no transitional mechanism of support. It appears perverse that financially and clinically successful models of care are being destroyed. It would be possible to nominate PBC schemes that save more than 150% of their running costs to be continued and act as beacons for consortia.

February 2011

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Prepared 5 April 2011