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Written Evidence

Evidence is published online at and available for inspection at the Parliamentary Archives (020 7219 5314).

Evidence received by the Committee is listed below in order of receipt and in alphabetical order. Witnesses without a * gave written evidence only. Witnesses marked with * gave both oral and written evidence. Witnesses marked with ** gave oral evidence and did not submit any written evidence.

Oral evidence in chronological order

**  (QQ 1-27)  Mr Steve Hewlett, Mr Neil Midgley and Mr Ray Snoddy

**  (QQ 28-52)  Sir Christopher Bland and Mr Gavyn Davies

**  (QQ 53-78)  Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

*  (QQ 79-107)  Mr Jon Zeff, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

*  (QQ 108-130)  RadioCentre and Virgin Media

*  (QQ 131-166)  Sir Michael Lyons, outgoing Chairman of the BBC Trust

**  (QQ 167-196)  Lord Grade of Yarmouth

**  (QQ 197-259)  Ms Diane Coyle and Mr David Liddiment, Trustees, BBC Trust

*  (QQ 260-302)  Mr David Henshaw and Mr Tom Roberts

*  (QQ 303-358)  Mr Mark Thompson, Director-General, and Mr Marcus Agius, Non-Executive Member of the Executive Board, BBC

**  (QQ 359-396)  Lord Birt

**  (QQ 397-471)  Mr David Jordan, Director of Editorial Policy, and Mr George Entwistle, Director of Vision, BBC

**  (QQ 472-517)  Mr Greg Dyke

**  (QQ 518-552)  Mr Ed Richards, Chairman and Dr Colette Bowe, Chairman, Ofcom

**  (QQ 553-582)  Lord Patten of Barnes, Chairman, BBC Trust

*  (QQ 583-632)  Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Department for Culture, Media and Sport

**  (QQ 633-681)  Sir David Attenborough and Professor Brian Cox

*  (QQ 682-741)  Mr Amyas Morse, Comptroller and Auditor General, National Audit Office

Written evidence in order of receipt

  (BBCGR 1)  Sir John Tusa

  (BBCGR 2)  Professor Richard Collins

*  (BBCGR 3)  BBC Trust

  (BBCGR 4)  Ms Fiona Stourton

  (BBCGR 5)  Mr David Henshaw

*  (BBCGR 6)  Mr Tom Roberts

  (BBCGR 7)  Mr Robert Beveridge

*  (BBCGR 8)  BBC Trust (supplementary)

  (BBCGR 9)  International Broadcast Trust

  (BBCGR 10)  Incorporated Society of British Advertisers

*  (BBCGR 11)  BBC Trust (further supplementary)

  (BBCGR 12)  Safermedia

  (BBCGR 13)  Voice of the Listener and Viewer

  (BBCGR 14)  Professor Terry McNulty

  (BBCGR 15)  UTV Media

  (BBCGR 16)  Migrationwatch UK

  (BBCGR 17)  Mrs Sheila Brown

*  (BBCGR 18)  Department for Culture, Media and Sport

*  (BBCGR 19)  RadioCentre

*  (BBCGR 20)  National Audit Office

*  (BBCGR 21)  Department for Culture, Media and Sport supplementary

  (BBCGR 22)  Mr Peter Allam

  (BBCGR 23)  Mr Hugh Small

  (BBCGR 24)  Mr Ken Rundle

*  (BBCGR 25)  BBC Executive (supplementary)

Alphabetical Order

  Mr Peter Allam (BBCGR 22)

**  Sir David Attenborough

  Mr Robert Beveridge (BBCGR 7)

**  Lord Birt

**  Sir Christopher Bland

*  BBC Executive (BBCGR 25)

*  BBC Trust (BBCGR 3, 8, 11)

  Mrs Sheila Brown (BBCGR 17)

  Professor Richard Collins (BBCGR 2)

**  Professor Brian Cox

**  Mr Gavyn Davies

*  Department for Culture, Media and Sport (BBCGR 18, 21)

**  Mr Greg Dyke

**  Lord Grade of Yarmouth

*  Mr David Henshaw (BBCGR 5)

**  Mr Steve Hewlett

  Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (BBCGR 10)

  International Broadcast Trust (BBCGR 9)

  Professor Terry McNulty (BBCGR 14)

**  Mr Neil Midgley

  Migrationwatch UK (BBCGR 16)

*  National Audit Office (BBCGR 20)

**  Ofcom

*  RadioCentre (BBCGR 19)

*  Mr Tom Roberts (BBCGR 6)

  Mr Ken Rundle (BBCGR 24)

  Safermedia (BBCGR 12)

  Mr Hugh Small (BBCGR 23)

**  Mr Ray Snoddy

  Ms Fiona Stourton (BBCGR 4)

  Sir John Tusa (BBCGR 1)

  UTV Media (BBCGR 15)

**  Virgin Media

  Voice of the Listener and Viewer (BBCGR 13)

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