This page highlights some of the current parliamentary material available on pay. This includes select committee reports, briefing papers on current legislation and other subjects produced by the parliamentary research services, and the latest Early Day Motions put down by MPs.

Standard Notes

17.02.2012Average Earnings: Economic Indicators page
Latest data on average weekly earnings, including breakdowns by public and private sectors and manufacturing and service sectors.
02.02.2012Banking executives' remuneration in the UK
this Note outlines some of the changes made to the structure, determination and publication of executive salaries, with particular reference to banks and other financial companies.
05.12.2011Police Pay - Booth review (2008-2011 pay deal)
Since 1979 annual pay increases for police officers have been determined under a formula linked to an annual survey of settlement levels for non-manual employees in the private sector. In 2006 this led to a recommendation of a 3% pay increase that Home Office officials and management representatives did not agree to. This led to a dispute over police pay that lasted until October 2008, when a multi-year pay settlement was reached by the Police Negotiating Board for police officers in England & Wales. The three-year deal was backdated to 1 September 2008 and will run through to 31 August 2011.
05.12.2011Police pay and conditions: Winsor Review
In October 2010, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced the 'most comprehensive review of police pay and conditions in more than 30 years'. The independent review covering England and Wales was led to Tom Winsor, the former Rail Regulator. In March 2011, Mr Winsor published his first report, which 'covered short-term improvements to remuneration and terms and conditions'.
17.03.2011Labour's employment legislation from 2005 onwards
This note summarises employment legislation passed by the Labour Government from 2005

Research Papers

06.07.2010Economic indicators, July 2010
This Research Paper series summarises the main economic indicators currently available for the UK, along with comparisons with other major OECD countries. This edition includes articles on future growth in the UK economy, and the CPI and benefit indexation. [article:'Future growth in the UK economy' and 'The CPI and benefit indexation']
03.02.2003National Minimum Wage (Enforcement Notices) Bill (HL) (Bill 51 of 2002/03)
National Minimum Wage (Enforcement Notices) Bill (HL). (Bill 51 of 2002/03). House of Commons Library Research Paper 03/10.
04.12.2002National Minimum Wage (Enforcement Notices) Bill (HL) (HL Bill 8 2002/03)
National Minimum Wage (Enforcement Notices) Bill (HL) (HL Bill 8 of 2002/03) .House of Commons Library Research Paper 02/77.
31.10.2000Economic Indicators
Economic Indicators. House of Commons Library Research Paper 00/85. (Includes article on average earnings and the impact of the national minimum wage)
19.02.1999National Minimum Wage
National Minimum Wage. House of Commons Library Research Paper 99/18

Select Committee Reports

18.03.2010Top Pay in the Public Sector: Further Report: incorporating the Government Response to the Committee's...
Government response. Public Administration Select Committee; Cabinet Office report [Commons]
01.06.2009NHS pay modernisation in England: agenda for change.
Public Accounts Committee report [Commons]

Lords Library Notes

08.03.2010Debate on 11th March: The national minimum wage and poverty. LLN 2010/008
Debate on 11th March: The national minimum wage and poverty. This Library Note aims to provide background reading for the debate to be held on 11th March: "The
21.12.2007Employment Bill [HL] (HL Bill 13, 2007-08). LLN 2007/010
Employment Bill. House of Lords Library Note 2007/010

Early Day Motions

That this House supports full trade union rights for the Prison Officers' Association (POA); notes that the International Labour Organisation criticised the previous administration ...
That this House recognises the vital work of those in the cleaning profession; supports the call from Mr Guy Stallard, Director of Facilities at KPMG and a member of the Living Wage ...
08.12.2011REGIONAL PAY
That this House disagrees with the principles of regional pay outlined by the Chancellor in his Autumn Statement to bring public sector pay in line with private sector pay; notes that ...
That this House notes the Government's announcements on limiting Armed Forces' pay; is concerned about the impact this will have on the living standards and morale of the UK's forces ...
That this House does not believe Ministers who are forced out of their positions by incompetence or breach of the Ministerial Code should be awarded a taxpayer funded pay-off; and calls ...


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