Welfare Reform Bill: Third reading

31 January 2012

Members of the House will be working through the Welfare Reform Bill during the third reading today (Tuesday 31 January).

Members are expected to clarify amendments made to Clause 10 about responsibility for children and young persons. The amendments aim to protect young disabled children from receiving a reduced Disability Living Allowance.

Debate is also expected on amendments to Clause 14, about claimant commitment in order to receive benefits. Members are expected to clarify amendments on cancer patients receiving medication and their benefit claim criteria.

Third reading

At third reading the House of Lords may clarify and make further previously undiscussed amendments before sending it back to the House of Commons.

Third reading in the Chamber is the final chance for the Lords to change the wording of the bill.

After third reading: Consideration of amendments

After third reading the bill will be sent to the House of Commons for the government to consider the amendments made in the House of Lords.

If further changes are made the bill will be sent between the houses until both houses are happy with a final version of the bill.

What happens if the houses don't agree with each other's amendments?

In exceptional cases, when the two Houses do not reach agreement, the bill falls. If certain conditions are met, the Commons can use the Parliament Acts to pass the bill, without the consent of the Lords, in the following session.

Welfare Reform Bill: Key areas

  • The bill introduces Personal Independence Payments to replace the current Disability Living Allowance.
  • It restricts Housing Benefit entitlement for social housing tenants whose accommodation is larger than needed.
  • It will up-rate Local Housing Allowance rates by the Consumer Price Index.
  • It amends the forthcoming statutory child maintenance scheme.
  • Payment of contributory Employment and Support Allowance is limited to a 12-month period.
  • The total amount of benefit that can be claimed will be capped.

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