Committee news

Title Date
MPs to question Minister on Government Strategy 22.02.2012
Transport Committee to question Minister Theresa Villiers 22.02.2012
MPs publish report on Developing Threats: Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMP) 22.02.2012
Science and Technology Committee publishes report on science in the Met Office 21.02.2012
Backbench debate on Iran 21.02.2012
MPs take further evidence on library closures 21.02.2012
MPs take evidence on the Freedom of Information Act 2000 21.02.2012
‘Bioenergy’ one-off evidence session 21.02.2012
MPs publish report on inward investment in Wales 21.02.2012
MPs to hold first evidence session for Building Regulations inquiry 20.02.2012
MPs take evidence on equity investment in privately financed projects 20.02.2012
Committee publishes report on support towards additional living costs of working-age disabled people 19.02.2012
Committee publishes report on the future of marine renewables 19.02.2012
Lords Constitution Committee back UK Government stance on powers of Scottish Parliament to call independence referendum 17.02.2012
Lords to press EU Commissioner on Financial Transaction Tax proposal 16.02.2012
A secure future for investigative journalism 16.02.2012
Lords question Intellectual Property Minister on Unified Patent Court 15.02.2012
WWF and Environment Agency appear before Lords in Freshwater Policy Inquiry 15.02.2012
Scottish Affairs Committee sets out unanswered questions on separation in new report 15.02.2012
EU Committee Report: The euro area crisis 14.02.2012