House of Lords procurement

Procurement activity in the public sector is governed by European directives which are given effect in the UK Public Contracts Regulations. These regulations open up the public procurement market and ensure the free movement of supplies, services and works within the EU. They also ensure that all potential suppliers have an equal opportunity to bid for contracts.

The House of Lords is a 'contracting authority' as defined by the regulations and, as such, is legally bound to comply with those regulations.

The regulations set out procedures which must be followed when awarding a contract which has a value that exceeds set thresholds. Current thresholds which apply to the House of Lords are:

  • £101,323 for supplies and services
  • £3,927,260 for works.

In order to comply with the regulations, the House of Lords is obliged to appropriately advertise its contracts.

Contracts over the thresholds

Contracts which are over the thresholds advertisements are placed in the Official Journal of the European Union and can be viewed, along with those for the rest of the EU, at the Tenders Electronic Daily website.

Contracts below the thresholds

The House of Lords currently uses the website to advertise contracts which are below the procurement regulations thresholds. This portal is used by other public sector organisations to advertise lower value contracts.

Advertisements and award notices

All House of Lords advertisements and award notices are also available on the Parliamentary Procurement portal. This portal also includes some notices for House of Commons contracts.

What the House of Lords purchases

The House of Lords purchases a variety of supplies and services to support the administration in enabling the House and its Members to carry out their parliamentary functions effectively. Contracts cover many corporate functions and services, including office support and supplies, archiving and records management, library services, catering, retail, and many others.

The following are included in current contracts:

  • publications
  • office stationery supplies 
  • photocopiers
  • pension administration
  • food supplies – bread and patisserie, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and so on
  • beverages
  • disposables
  • gift shop products
  • various consultancy projects.

Contact the House of Lords

Contact the Lords Information Office with general enquiries about the House of Lords.

Information Office
House of Lords

Phone: 020 7219 3107
Email: House of Lords Information Office