Lords domestic select committees

Domestic select committees focus on examining proposals and issues concerning the management and delivery of specific parliamentary and corporate services in the House of Lords.

The membership of domestic select committees is drawn from the Members of the House of Lords. Directors on the Lords Management Board attend Lords domestic select committee meetings when required to advise on the specific services they are accountable for.

The House Committee is the main corporate decision-making body for the House of Lords. 

What the committees do

The work of the committees falls into two broad categories: those dealing with the delivery of services to Members and the use of public funds; and those dealing with the internal working of the House.

Lords domestic select committees dealing with Members' services and the use of public funds

  • House Committee is the main domestic committee for the House of Lords. It provides non-executive guidance to the Management board and has responsibility for financial matters.
  • Administration & Works Committee oversees administrative services – such as printed papers and post; works – including those related to security; and accommodation.
  • Audit Committee examines and monitors audit arrangements in the House of Lords and provides advice to the accounting officer on the exercise of his responsibilities. 
  • Information Committee considers information and communications services, including the Library and Parliamentary Archives.
  • Refreshment Committee looks at catering and retail services.
  • Works of Art Committee considers matters relating to artistic heritage in the House of Lords, including the conservation and display of artworks, decorative schemes and furniture.

Lords domestic select committees dealing with the internal working of the House

Leader's Groups

Appointed by the Leader of the House of Lords, rather than the House as a whole, Leader’s Groups are formed for a short period to consider a specific issue. There are two current groups: