Westminster Hall debates 29 February 2012

MPs debate renewable energy, trade union funding and Scottish football

Westminster Hall debates: 22 February 2012

MPs debated Sri Lanka, fishing quotas and fuel duty costs

Lords to press EU Commissioner on Financial Transaction Tax proposal

Lords to quiz EU Commissioner Algirdas Ĺ emeta

Urgent question on public servants tax avoidance

Financial Secretary to the Treasury answers question on avoiding tax

Youth unemployment and bank bonuses debated by MPs

Opposition debate on taxing bank bonuses and unemployment

More taxation

Title Date
MPs publish report on handling of tax disputes by HM Revenue and Customs 20.12.2011
Debate on the economy 07.12.2011
Treasury Committee takes evidence on Autumn Statement 06.12.2011
MPs debate living standards 01.12.2011
Westminster Hall debates: 30 November 2011 01.12.2011
Autumn Statement 2011 28.11.2011