The General Election Xplained for KS3

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Follow comedian Jay Foreman to find out, in a fun and accessible way, how general elections are run and why it's important to take part. This video is aimed at key stage 3 students. 

Take a look inside the Palace of Westminster at the House of Commons and House of Lords, to find out what role they both play in our democracy. Then head out to the constituency of Reading West to see how candidates from a range of political parties run their election campaign. And finally, return to Westminster after the election to crack the meaning of a hung parliament and the coalition government.

This video takes a humorous look at all these stages of the general election process and tackles some important issues along the way. Why is it important for young people to vote? Can their votes make a difference to the outcome of an election? And how do you become an MP?

Find out the answers by watching the video.

The alternative vote referendum

What is a referendum and when have they taken place in the past?

How does the alternative vote work and what makes it different from other voting systems used in the UK? Try the 'Compare the vote' activity to find out.

Find links to the best resources on the alternative vote, all in one place.

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Updates for teachers

Educational games

  • Could you cut it as an MP? Designed for 11-16 year-olds, this game drops you into the shoes of a backbencher.

  • Dangling from the world’s most famous clock you’ll need to clean its face before time expires.