The General Election Xplained trailer

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This one-minute trailer offers a taste of the General Election Xplained videos, aimed at key stages 3, 4 and 5. Presented by the comedian, Jay Foreman, it offers a fun and accessible introduction to general elections, produced especially for young people. 

Using clips from the full-length versions, the trailer gives you a glimpse of key issues, including how political campaigns work, who is involved, what happens on polling day, and how your MP represents you in Parliament.

Watch the video above or on YouTube, where it is available for you to embed on your own site or blog. Alternatively, view the full versions for key stage three or key stages four and five

The alternative vote referendum

What is a referendum and when have they taken place in the past?

How does the alternative vote work and what makes it different from other voting systems used in the UK? Try the 'Compare the vote' activity to find out.

Find links to the best resources on the alternative vote, all in one place.

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Updates for teachers

Educational games

  • Could you cut it as an MP? Designed for 11-16 year-olds, this game drops you into the shoes of a backbencher.

  • Dangling from the world’s most famous clock you’ll need to clean its face before time expires.