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Don't miss this chance to create a country to call your own.

Play MyUK at

Introducing Britain's newest prime minister... It's you!

Convince the Commons in MyUKTake charge of Britain, choose and pass new laws, customise your country, and pursue your personal vision of the UK.

MyUK puts you at the centre of British politics, where government and Parliament make the laws that shape the lives of everyone.

What is MyUK?

The essentials of MyUK. For players, parents and anyone else using this free digital learning activity about how laws are made.

Teachers' notes and features

MyUKMyUK from a teacher's perspective. We've talked to teachers about how MyUK can be used in the classroom.

KS3&4 resources and worksheets

Resources, tips and worksheet downloads to support student learning and facilitate the use of MyUK as a tool for teaching political literacy.

what is MyUK?

Play MyUK and personalise Britain - you make the rules, you shape your country.

Welcome to Britain's top job

Redecorate the door of Number 10MyUK puts you at the centre of British politics with a chance to create a country to call your own.

As prime minister, you have a fresh 5-year term to lead your government. Choose and pass new laws, customise your country and realise your personal vision of the UK.

Imagine. Create. Share your country.

What can you do as prime minister in MyUK? You can...

  • Appoint your friends to the cabinet - log in through Facebook, make ministers of your mates and pass new laws.
  • Top the lawmaking high-score table - create new rules for your country in three competitive mini-games.
  • Give Britain a national makeover - re-imagine the Union Flag, put your face on the £2 coin and much more.
  • Discover your leadership style - are you courageous or entrepreneurial? Warm-hearted or visionary?
  • Share your prime ministerial brilliance - tell the world about your UK via Facebook and Twitter, and check out your friends' versions.

It's your country, your rules

Create your avatar in MyUKYou're the PM. So you're in charge... Or are you?

Your ministers will present you with ideas for reshaping your country. There are 50 unusual and innovative ways of changing Britain.

Ideas come from all over, but it's you who decides which will go before Parliament.

So you might choose to:

  • Deliver an election promise and offer hair-raising modes of public transport to adrenaline junkies.
  • Seek to raise community spirits by funding massive national sing-alongs.
  • Clean up the seas around Britain with a pioneering invention: the gigantic UK-Irish ocean filter.

Whichever ideas you choose, you'll need to persuade the House of Commons and the House of Lords to agree before your proposals can be turned into laws.

Succesfully navigate Britain's choppy political waters and you can realise your very own UK.

A less-than-serious look at a serious business

MyUK is a playful activity that lets you reshape Britain with some far-fetched proposals. This isn't to say, however, that politics are trivial, or that our country doesn't face challenging issues.

In politics, dealing with serious matters often means (though not always) making new laws to tackle them. Debate over, say, a new crime or education law can cause heated discussion across society.

However, just behind the arguments over particular political issues, there's another story to tell - that of the lawmaking process itself.

Every year new laws are made that affect all areas of society, from businesses to families to the environment. These laws don't just emerge from nowhere.

So where do they come from? Who decides which ideas are made into laws, and which aren't? How are new laws approved or amended or even defeated? These are important questions for understanding the way our country is run.

So while the real residents of Number 10 and the Houses of Parliament might not rush to pass the Pavement Rage Bill (establishing passing lanes to deal with dawdling tourists), MyUK does provide a light-hearted way into learning about the principles and patterns that lie behind lawmaking in the UK.

Where to learn more about lawmaking

Continue exploring the ins and outs of how laws are made.

We are creating special resources to support MyUK and give you a gateway into learning about lawmaking in the real world.

Contact us

MyUK was created by Parliament's Education Service and the award-winning games studio Preloaded.

If you'd like to know more about MyUK get in touch at:

MyUK: Play it today!

Take charge of your country at:

teachers FAQs

Notes for teachers, including classroom features and FAQs.

Using MyUK in the classroom?

Newspaper feedback in MyUKGot a question?

Or ideas for using MyUK in your classroom?

We'd love to hear from you.

Email us at:

MyUK classroom features: At-a-glance

See also the FAQs below for more information.

  • Suitable for 13-15 year olds
    For those learning about government, Parliament and how laws are made, though younger/older students can also benefit.
  • Learning objectives: improved political awareness
    Aims to encourage creativity in young people while helping them explore the principles and patterns that lie behind UK lawmaking.
  • Supports political literacy strands of the curriculum
    The activity's content and design supports the political literacy strands of the curriculum across the UK.
  • Mini-tasks and interaction that appeal to young people
    Social networking features, creative customisation tasks and casual gaming mechanics are woven into an overall learning experience.
  • Activity length suitable for a lesson or homework
    Completing a 5-year term takes around 15-30 minutes, dependent on how long players spend on customisation tasks.
  • Original, tailored content and player feedback
    50 original bill ideas. Tailored feedback for every decision. MyUK Advice tabs provide in-depth explanations.
  • Social network plug-ins allow comparison and competition
    Players logged in through Facebook can compete with each other in bill passing tasks, but also view each others' versions of the UK.
  • MyUK progress can be saved for use across lessons
    MyUK saves players' progress via their Facebook profile or - if they aren't logged in through Facebook - on their local computer.
  • 'Facebook-free' version at
    For working with younger students or schools where Facebook access is an issue.
  • Teacher tips, worksheets and student resources
    Supporting notes, resources and worksheets can help you make the most of MyUK in the classroom or as homework.

Teachers' FAQs

What is MyUK?

MyUK is a playful digital learning activity that is free to use and designed to encourage young people to express their creativity while exploring the political context in which UK laws are made.

Which students can benefit?

We think MyUK ideally suits an audience aged 13-15, particularly those focused on political literacy.

Teachers have told us MyUK will also appeal to younger students. You may wish to make use of the 'Facebook-free' version which will be available once we launch MyUK.

Older students might enjoy the playful tone of MyUK, particularly if it's accompanied by some of the specially-created in-depth material about how laws are made.

You'll also find relevant curriculum links for each UK nation listed below.

What can students learn?

Through quick, engaging, playful interaction, MyUK introduces the 'big picture' of British politics.

Topics and themes might include:

  • Where do laws come from?
    The origins of laws. Where do ideas come from?
  • Who's who in lawmaking and political Britain
    The key players involved in making laws. Who has the most influence?
  • How laws are made
    MyUK introduces players to the institutions, principles, patterns and processes that underpin UK lawmaking.
  • Parliament and government
    Who makes the rules? Explore the roles of the executive and the legislature, and the relationship between the institutions.
  • Power and accountability
    How is political power distributed across the UK's democracy? How are those with power held to account?
  • What is politics?
    Not everyone in a democracy gets what they want. How should competing and conflicting demands be balanced?

See also the teachers' resources on the next tab.

How long does it take to complete MyUK?

Approximately 15-30 minutes.

Players can attempt to make 10 laws during their five-year term. Making a single law involves completing two or three mini-tasks. Each mini-task is timed, and lasts about a minute.

Players can also complete and unlock creative customisation tasks throughout MyUK.

These activities aren't timed, and so teachers may want to keep an eye on how long students are spending on these as a way of efficiently managing classroom time.


Can students save their progress?

Yes. Students' progress through MyUK is automatically saved, either via Facebook - if they choose to connect this way - or on their local computer.

Depending on your access to PCs, MyUK could be used over more than one lesson.

Facebook is banned in my school - can it be disabled?

Yes. A 'Facebook-free' version is available. You can access it here:

The social networking features are not intrinsic to the activity or the core learning objectives. MyUK can be used by teachers in a classroom context without access to these plug-ins.

How is MyUK relevant to the curriculum?

We think MyUK fits most naturally with the political literacy strands of the national curricula. 

For Key Stage 3 and 4 students, political literacy is often taught as part of Citizenship and PSHE lessons.

Learning about lawmaking and the UK Parliament is relevant to both the Social Studies curriculum and Moden Studies.

Elements of lawmaking and democracy are included in the Personal and Social Education framework of the Welsh curriculum.

Northern Ireland
Democracy and politics fit into the Citizenship and Learning for Life and Work units in the Northern Ireland curriculum.

Any tips or resources for teachers using MyUK?  

We plan to build up our support resources over the course of 2011-12.

See the next tab for more about forthcoming resources, including Key Stage 3 worksheets and resources for older students. 

Not answered your question? Email us

Get in touch. We're collecting FAQs.

Email us with your question at

We'll get back to you and post the answer here for other teachers.

Preview MyUK today!

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Student resources and teacher tips and worksheets to support the use of MyUK for learning.

For learning about how laws are made

Find out what kind of leader you are in MyUKCreate your own country at, then learn more about how Parliament and government create, shape and pass the laws of the land with the resources below.

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Resources for KS4 students

Map of UK (iStock photos)For older students who want more detail, these resources provide a gateway into learning about real-world UK lawmaking.

Great links to more online resources

Making laws subject guideLinks to free games, articles, resources and more for learning how laws are made.


Keep students focused on learning with this worksheet download. It emphasises some of the key language, processes and patterns highlighted in MyUK. 

  • Key Stage 3: MyUK worksheet
    Coming soon


Play MyUK today!

Start playing MyUKTake charge of Britain, make new laws, and create a country to call your own.

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