Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for the management of the services provided by the Departments of the House of Commons.

In October 2007 the House of Commons Commission agreed to establish a new Management Board to replace the previous Board of Management.

The Board consists of the Clerk of the House, as Chief Executive and Chairman, the Heads of the five House departments, and up to three external advisors, including the Director of the Parliamentary ICT Service (PICT) who attends the Board with executive responsibility for PICT.


  • Robert Rogers (Clerk of the House & Chief Executive) (Chairman)
  • David Natzler (Director General, Chamber and Committee Services)
  • John Pullinger (Director General, Information Services)
  • Andrew Walker (Director General, Human Resources and Change)
  • Myfanwy Barrett (Director, Finance) 
  • John Borley (Director General, Facilities)
  • Joan Miller (Director of PICT) (external Board Member)
  • Alex Jablonowski (external non-executive Board Member)
  • A second external non-executive Board Member is to be recruited 


The Board is responsible for the management of the services provided for the House of Commons by the Departments of the House; advising the Corporate Officer of the House of Commons on the nature and level of services that should be provided by joint departments of the two Houses; and giving advice on these services to the Commission and the Finance and Services Committee. The Commission has delegated to the Board most of its statutory functions related to the employment of staff - including keeping terms and conditions in the House Service broadly in line with those in the Civil Service. It also maintains contact with the officially recognised trade unions through the Whitley Committee and its sub-committees.


Office of the Chief Executive
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