Engineering in government: follow-up

The Committee agreed on 14 September 2011 to launch a new inquiry examining engineering in government: follow-up.

Terms of Reference

Engineering in government inquiry terms of reference.

Oral evidence (uncorrected)

Wednesday 14 December 2011
Sir John Beddington, Government Chief Scientific Adviser

Wednesday 7 December 2011
Chris Aylett, Chief Executive, Motorsport Industry Association, and Philip Greenish, Chief Executive, Royal Academy of Engineering

Written evidence

The Committee invited written submissions on the terms of reference by 1 November 2011.

Engineering in government follow-up written evidence; pdf (PDF PDF 1.45 MB)  

Inquiry details

In March 2009 the Science and Technology Committee published its report on Engineering: turning ideas into reality. The inquiry looked at four case studies: nuclear engineering, plastic electronics engineering, geoengineering and engineering in government. The engineering in Government case study examined how the Government used engineering advice and expertise in policy.


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