Privileges and Conduct (Committee for)

The Committee was reappointed on 2 June 2010

The Committee for Privileges and Conduct, which dates back to the early seventeenth century, considers issues which affect the privileges of the House or of its members of the House. For an account of the meaning of “privilege”, see the report of the Joint Committee on Parliamentary Privilege.

The Committee is also responsible for overseeing members’ conduct. Detailed consideration of matters relating to the Code of Conduct is undertaken by the Sub-Committee on Lords' Conduct.

The Committee for Privileges and Conduct is chaired by the Chairman of Committees and is made up of sixteen peers, including two former holders of judicial office.

Related information

The Sub-Committee on Lords’ Conduct undertakes detailed consideration of matters relating to the Code of Conduct.

Under the Code of Conduct Members are required to register any financial and non-financial interests that might reasonably be thought to influence their parliamentary actions.

Anyone wishing to make a complaint about the conduct of a Member of the House of Lords should write to The House of Lords Commissioner for Standards.