Finance and Services Committee


The Finance and Services Committee is established under Standing Order No 144.  It considers expenditure on, and the administration of, services for the House of Commons: it has responsibility for detailed scrutiny of the House's budget.

The Committee:

  • prepares, with the assistance of the Management Board, estimates for House of Commons: Administration for submission to the House of Commons Commission;

  • monitors the financial performance of the House Administration;

  • advises the Commission and the Speaker on the financial and administrative implications of any recommendations made by the Administration Committee.

The Committee has eleven members: in practice including the Chair of the Administration Committee and the Chairman of Ways and Means.  It is chaired by a member of the House of Commons Commission.  It meets approximately once a month when the House is sitting.  Meetings are usually held in private and the Committee is assisted by the Director of Finance and other House staff as appropriate.