Scotland Bill

The Scotland Bill was published on 30 November 2010. The Government also published a White Paper, Strengthening Scotland’s Future, on the same day. The Bill is based on the recommendations of the Commission on Scottish Devolution (the Calman Commission), and will develop the arrangements set out in the Scotland Act 1998. The Commission published its final report in June 2009, and the previous Scottish Affairs Committee published its report on the Commission on Scottish Devolution in March 2010.

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Commenting on the report, Ian Davidson MP, Chair of the Committee, said,

"Of primary importance to the Committee is the need to strengthen the devolution settlement for the benefit of the people of Scotland, and cooperation and transparency are key. Overemphasis on the formal division of responsibilities has diverted attention away from the need for cooperative working and for the best use to be made of powers already devolved. This is an area which requires further examination."


The Committee held the following oral evidence sessions:

Wednesday 2 February

Professor Sir Kenneth Calman, University of Glasgow, Professor Jim Gallagher, Ruchir Shah, Head of Policy and Research Department, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, and David Griffiths, Chief Executive, Ecas, and member of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations Policy Committee, gave evidence.

Tuesday 8 February

Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal, Glasgow University and Professor Michael Keating, University of Aberdeen, Sarah Walker, Director PSN and Pamela Mulholland, Head of Devolved Taxation, HMRC, gave oral evidence. 

Wednesday 9 February

Terry Murden, Business Editor, The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday, and Bill Jamieson, Executive Editor, The Scotsman; Dave Moxham, Deputy General Secretary, Scottish Trades Union Congress, and Andy Wightman gave evidence.

Wednesday 16 February

Alan Trench, University College London, Professor Iain Mclean, Nuffield College, Oxford, Professor Drew Scott, University of Edinburgh, Professor Andrew Hughes Hallet, George Mason University; Rt Hon Michael Moore MP, Secretary of State for Scotland and Rt Hon David Mundell MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Chris Flatt, Deputy Director, Corporate and Constitution Division and Laura Crawforth, Head of Scotland Bill Team gave evidence.

Tuesday 01 March

Fiona Hyslop MSP, Minister for Culture and External Affairs, Scottish Executive, Gerald Byrne, International and Constitution Directorate and Graeme Roy, Office of the Chief Economic Adviser gave evidence.


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