MPs hear from Secretary of State for Scotland on separation

22 February 2012

On 12 October 2011, the Committee launched an inquiry on the proposed Referendum on Separation for Scotland.


At 2.15pm, Wednesday 22 February, The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

  • Rt Hon Michael Moore MP, Secretary of State for Scotland
  • Rt Hon David Mundell MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland

The first part of the inquiry focuses primarily on the process and mechanics by which such a referendum would be organised and conducted.

The second part of the inquiry focuses on the many unanswered questions which will need to be addressed if the voters of Scotland are to make an informed choice when they are invited to vote in a referendum - potentially in the Autumn of 2014. The Chair, Mr Ian Davidson MP said:

"We are calling on the Secretary of State for Scotland to work closely with us to provide the factual, unbiased information that is required for this process to be fair, transparent, and achieve a positive result for the people of Scotland. He should also act to co-ordinate responses across government."

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