Scottish Affairs Committee - inquiries

  • A Robust Grid for 21st Century Scotland  Inquiry announced 31 January 2012

    On 12 January the Committee decided to conduct an inquiry into the means by which electricity is transmitted and distributed across Scotland, and the reliability and the provisions in place to cope with extreme weather conditions.

  • The Referendum on Separation for Scotland  Inquiry announced 09 November 2011

    On 12 October 2011 the Committee announced that it would conduct an inquiry in to The Referendum on Separation for Scotland

  • Crown Estate in Scotland  Inquiry announced 06 July 2011

    On 17 February 2011 the Committee announced that it would conduct an inquiry in to the Crown Estate in Scotland.

  • Health and Safety in Scotland  Inquiry announced 04 April 2011

    The Committee launched its inquiry into health and safety in Scotland.

  • Student Immigration System in Scotland  Inquiry announced 07 March 2011

    An inquiry into proposed Government measures to reduce net migration to tens of thousands within the course of the current Parliament which may deter genuine, high quality students from applying to come to Scotland.

  • Scotland Bill  Inquiry announced 06 January 2011

    Report published on 21 March 2011

  • Supporting Scotland's Economy  Inquiry announced 21 December 2010

    This inquiry will examine the current economic situation in Scotland and the role of the UK Government, Scottish Government, other agencies and the banks in supporting Scotland’s economy.

  • Uk Border Agency and Glasgow City Council  Inquiry announced 09 November 2010

    the Committee launched its inquiry into UKBA and Glasgow City Council in November 2010

  • Postal Services in Scotland  Inquiry announced 28 October 2010

    Report published on 10 December 2010

  • Video Games Industry in Scotland  Inquiry announced 22 July 2010

    Report published on 7 February 2011, in which the Committee urged the Government to make the future of the sector a priority in the face of emerging barriers for growth.