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Bills before Parliament 2007-08

Listed below are all the Bills put before the Parliament in 2007-08, including those that have been granted Royal Assent to become law. Explanatory Notes and Amendments are on each Bill's individual page.

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Commons Adults with Autism Bill 02.12.2008
Lords Alcohol Labelling Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Commons Alcohol Sales (Regulation of Prices and Promotion) Bill 20.10.2008
Commons Allotments (Planning) Bill 02.05.2008
Commons Animals Act 1971 (Amendment) Bill 07.02.2011
Commons Armed Forces (Federation) Bill 20.06.2008
Commons Autumn Bank Holiday Bill 22.10.2008
Commons Bank Holiday (Contribution of Polish Citizens) Bill 16.10.2008
Lords Bank of England (Amendment) Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Royal Assent Banking Bill 20.11.2009
Royal Assent Banking (Special Provisions) Bill 25.02.2009
Commons Borough Freedom Bill 25.04.2008
Lords Borough Freedom (No. 2) Bill [HL] 27.11.2008
Royal Assent Bournemouth Borough Council Bill [HL] 21.10.2011
Commons British Board of Film Classification (Accountability to Parliament and Appeals) Bill 03.04.2008
Commons British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Broadcasting (Television Licence Fee Abolition) Bill 20.10.2008
Royal Assent Broads Authority Bill 16.10.2009
Commons Cannabis Seeds (Prohibition) Bill 16.10.2008
Lords Canterbury City Council Bill 21.12.2011
Royal Assent Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Supplementary Provisions) Bill 23.02.2009
Royal Assent Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill 23.02.2009
Commons Children (Protection of Privacy) Bill 26.11.2008
Royal Assent Children and Young Persons Bill [HL] 25.02.2009
Commons Christmas Savings Schemes (Regulation) Bill 25.04.2008
Commons Citizens' Convention Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Citizens' Initiative (Legislation) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Climate Change (Sectoral Targets) Bill 30.10.2008
Royal Assent Climate Change Bill [HL] 17.01.2011
Commons Closed Circuit Television (Monitoring and Promotion) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Committee on the Grant of Honours, Decorations and Medals Bill 16.10.2008
Royal Assent Consolidated Fund Bill 25.02.2009
Royal Assent Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) Bill 25.02.2009
Royal Assent Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No.2) Bill 24.02.2009
Royal Assent Consolidated Fund (Appropriation) (No.3) Bill 25.02.2009
Commons Copyright in Sound Recordings and Performers' Rights (Term Extension) Bill 30.10.2008
Royal Assent Counter-Terrorism Bill 25.02.2009
Royal Assent Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill 24.02.2009
Commons Criminal Justice (Raves) Bill 30.10.2008
Royal Assent Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill 25.02.2009
Royal Assent Crossrail Bill 14.07.2009
Commons Crown Employment (Nationality) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Disabled Persons (Independent Living) Bill [HL] 23.06.2008
Commons Disqualification from Parliament (Taxation Status) Bill 16.06.2008
Commons DNA Database (Removal of Samples) Bill 16.10.2008
Royal Assent Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill [HL] 25.02.2009
Commons Driving Instructors Convicted of Sexual Offences (suspension) Bill 28.10.2008
Commons Drugs (Reclassification) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Drugs (Roadside Testing) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Education (Children with Autism) Bill 16.10.2008
Royal Assent Education and Skills Bill 25.02.2009
Royal Assent Employment Bill [HL] 25.02.2009
Commons Employment Retention Bill 30.10.2008
Royal Assent Energy Bill 12.03.2009
Commons Energy Saving (Daylight) Bill 17.03.2008
Commons Environmental Protection (Airports) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Environmental Protection (Transfers at Sea) Bill 20.06.2008
Commons Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Amendment) Bill 30.10.2008
Royal Assent European Communities (Finance) Bill 24.02.2009
Royal Assent European Union (Amendment) Bill 23.02.2009
Commons European Union (Audit of Benefits and Costs of UK Membership) Bill 23.07.2008
Commons Expenses of Public Servants (Publication) Bill 30.10.2008
Royal Assent Finance Bill 30.04.2009
Commons Fireworks Act 2003 (Amendment) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Fixed Term Parliaments Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Food Labelling Bill 07.11.2008
Commons Food Labelling (Nutrition and Health) Bill 17.11.2008
Commons Food Products (Marketing to Children) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Football Spectators and Sports Grounds Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Forces Widows' Pensions (Equality of Treatment) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Foreign Nationals (Statistics) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Gamma-Butyrolactone (Prohibition) Bill 07.11.2008
Commons Health and Safety (Education and Training) Bill 03.11.2008
Royal Assent Health and Safety (Offences) Bill 25.02.2009
Royal Assent Health and Social Care Bill 25.02.2009
Lords House of Lords (Amendment) Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Lords House of Lords (Members' Taxation Status) Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Lords House of Lords Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Royal Assent Housing and Regeneration Bill 25.02.2009
Royal Assent Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill [HL] 25.02.2009
Commons Human Rights Act 1998 (Meaning of Public Function) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Illegally Logged Timber (Prohibition of Sale and Distribution) Bill 30.10.2008
Lords Immigration (Discharged Gurkhas) Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Commons Immigration (Discharged Gurkhas) (No. 2) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Interest Rates (Maximum Limit) Bill 20.11.2008
Lords Iraq War Inquiry Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Commons Iraq War Inquiry (No. 2) Bill 30.10.2008
Lords Kidney Transplant Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Commons Land Use (Garden Protection) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Leasehold Reform Bill 30.10.2008
Lords Leeds City Council Bill 21.12.2011
Commons Local Authorities (Social Equality Audits) Bill 20.10.2008
Commons Local Authority Powers (Election Campaigns) Bill 20.10.2008
Royal Assent Local Transport Bill [HL] 25.02.2009
Commons London Local Authorities (Shopping Bags) Bill 27.11.2008
Commons London Local Authorities Bill [HL] 20.12.2011
Royal Assent London Local Authorities and Transport for London Bill 12.08.2008
Commons London Local Authorities and Transport for London (No. 2) Bill [HL] 20.12.2011
Commons Management of Dementia in Care Homes Bill 16.10.2008
Royal Assent Manchester City Council Bill [HL] 21.10.2011
Commons Members of Parliament (Pay and Responsibilities) Bill 15.12.2008
Commons Microgeneration (Definition) (Amendment) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Microgeneration and Local Energy Bill Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Nail Bars and Special Treatment Premises (Regulation) Bill 18.07.2008
Royal Assent National Insurance Contributions Bill 25.02.2009
Commons Northern Bank Bill 27.11.2008
Lords Nottingham City Council Bill 21.12.2011
Commons Offshore Oil and Gas Industries (Health and Safety) Bill 18.07.2008
Commons Online Purchasing of Goods and Services (Age Verification) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Pedlars (Street Trading Regulations) Bill 30.10.2008
Royal Assent Pensions Bill 25.02.2009
Commons Personal Debt (Advice and Regulation) Bill 25.04.2008
Royal Assent Planning Bill 23.02.2009
Commons Planning (Location of Hazardous Sites) Bill 06.06.2008
Royal Assent Planning and Energy Bill 25.02.2009
Commons Police (Justice Commissioners) Bill 20.11.2008
Royal Assent Political Parties and Elections Bill 16.10.2009
Lords Powers of Entry etc. Bill [HL] 25.02.2009
Commons Press Complaints Commission (Breaches of Code of Practice) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Private Equity (Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment) Bill 07.05.2008
Commons Protection of Bats and Newts Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Public Contracts (UK Tax Requirements) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Public Sector Buildings (Energy Performance) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Race Relations (Election Candidates) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Rape (Defences) Bill 30.10.2008
Lords Reading Borough Council Bill 21.12.2011
Royal Assent Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Commons Remembrance Day Bank Holiday Bill 20.11.2008
Lords Retail Development Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Commons Right to Roam (Mobile Phones) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Road Traffic (Accident Compensation) Bill 27.11.2008
Commons Road Traffic (Congestion Reduction) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Road Traffic (Prohibition of Anti-Detection Devices) Bill 23.06.2008
Commons Road Traffic (Safety) Bill 20.06.2008
Commons Runaway and Missing Children Bill 30.10.2008
Lords Safety Deposit Current Accounts Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Commons Safety of Medicines (Evaluation) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Sale of Registration Marks (Amendment) Bill 17.11.2008
Royal Assent Sale of Student Loans Bill 25.02.2009
Commons Sale of Wine (Measures) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Sex Encounter Establishments (Licensing) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Small Print Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Sound Recordings (Copyright Term Extension) Bill 26.02.2008
Commons Sovereignty of Parliament (European Communities) Bill 30.10.2008
Royal Assent Special Educational Needs (Information) Bill 25.02.2009
Royal Assent St. Austell Market Bill 30.07.2008
Royal Assent Statute Law (Repeals) Bill [HL] 25.02.2009
Lords Sunday Trading (Horticulture) Bill [HL] 23.02.2009
Commons Sustainable Energy (Local Plans) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Temporary and Agency Workers (Equal Treatment) Bill 13.08.2008
Commons Theft from Shops (Penalties) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Torture (Damages) Bill [HL] 25.02.2009
Commons Trading of Primates as Pets (Prohibition) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Transparent Taxation (Receipts) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Transport for London (Supplemental Toll Provisions) Bill [HL] 13.12.2011
Royal Assent Transport for London Bill [HL] 26.11.2008
Commons Umbilical Cord Blood (Donation) Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Union Flag Bill 30.10.2008
Commons Vehicle Safety (Loads) Bill 16.10.2008
Commons Voting Age (Reduction) Bill 28.10.2008

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