Democracy? You Decide

Democracy? You Decide

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Author and journalist Danny Wallace takes a light-hearted look at the system of governance in the UK.  

Suitable for 14-18 year olds.

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Note that since this video was produced, the number of constituencies in the UK has changed to 650 and it is now in the process of being reduced to 600.

General elections now take place in May once every five years, unless Parliament votes to hold an election sooner. Find out more about general elections

After a general election, one political party may form a government on its own, or two or more parties may decide to form a government together, called a coalition. 

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People often mistake Parliament with the government. So what's the difference?

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The alternative vote referendum

What is a referendum and when have they taken place in the past?

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Educational games

  • Could you cut it as an MP? Designed for 11-16 year-olds, this game drops you into the shoes of a backbencher.

  • Dangling from the world’s most famous clock you’ll need to clean its face before time expires.