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  • Stamp Price Regulation - uncorrected evidence - 28 February 2012HC 1841-ii | Published 02 March 2012

    Evidence given by Moya Greene, CEO, Royal Mail

  • Stamp Price Regulation - uncorrected evidence - 21 February 2012HC 1841-i | Published 24 February 2012

    Evidence given by Stuart McIntosh, Group Director of Competition; Chris Rowsell, Competition Policy Director; Gavin Knott, Postal Services Competition Specialist, Ofcom; Adam Scorer, Director of Policy and External Affairs; and Robert Hammond, Director of Postal Policy and Regulation, Consumer Focus

  • The Insolvency Service - uncorrected evidence - 7 February 2012HC 1770-ii | Published 13 February 2012

    Evidence given by Stephen Speed, Inspector General and Chief Executive, and Graham Horne, Deputy Inspector General and Deputy Chief Executive, The Insolvency Service

  • The Insolvency Service - uncorrected evidence - 24 January 2012HC 1770-i | Published 30 January 2012

    Evidence given by (1) Frances Coulson, President, R3, David Kerr, Chief Executive, Insolvency Practitioners Association, Vernon Soare, Executive Director, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and John Milsom, Chairman, Joint Insolvency Committee (2) Tony Butcher, President, Prospect (Insolvency Branch)

  • Debt Management - uncorrected evidence - 13 December 2011HC 1649-iii | Published 21 December 2011

    Evidence given by Tony Hobman, Chief Executive Officer and Lesley Robinson, Director of Corporate Services, Money Advice Service; Vivienne Dews, Executive Director and David Fisher, Director, Credit Group, Office of Fair Trading; Edward Davey MP, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills; Nick Howard, Deputy Director of Policy, Insolvency Service, BIS; and Kirstin Green, Deputy Director for Consumer Credit and Empowerment, BIS

  • Debt Management - uncorrected evidence - 29 November 2011HC 1649-ii Debt Management | Published 05 December 2011

    Evidence given by<br> (1) Peter Crook, Chief Executive, Provident Financial Plc, John Lamidey MBE, Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Finance Association, Caroline Walton, Corporate Affairs Director, Dollar Financial UK Ltd, Mark Lyonette, Chief Executive, Association of British Credit Unions Ltd, and Des Milligan, Chief Executive, National Pawnbrokers Association<br> (2) John Fairhurst, Managing Director, Payplan, Richard Wharton, Director, General Secretary and co-founder, Debt Managers Standards Association, Melanie Taylor, Head of Corporate Relations, Gregory Pennington, Chris Davis, Chief Executive Officer, MoneyPlus Group, and Andrew Smith, Debt Resolution Forum

  • Debt Management - uncorrected evidence - 22 November 2011HC 1649-i Debt Management | Published 28 November 2011

    Evidence given by (1) Joanna Elson, Chief Executive, Money Advice Trust, Professor Iain Ramsay, University of Kent, and Dr John Gathergood, University of Nottingham (2) Sarah Brooks, Director of Financial Services, Consumer Focus, Teresa Perchard, Director of Policy, Citizens Advice, Delroy Corinaldi, Director of External Affairs, Consumer Credit Counselling Service; and Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert

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