Deaths announced of Lords Carr, Corbett and Hooson

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale in the House of Lords
27 February 2012

Three life members of the House of Lords passed away during the half term recess: Lord Carr of Hadley, Lord Corbett of Castle Vale (pictured) and Lord Hooson.

Lord Carr of Hadley

The Conservative life peer, Leonard Robert Carr, Lord Carr of Hadley died on 19 February 2012 aged 95.

Lord Carr became a life peer in January 1976 and was a spokesman on home affairs and industry in the House of Lords.

Prior to becoming a peer Lord Carr served as a Conservative MP, cabinet minister and was briefly leader of the opposition in 1975 before Margaret Thatcher took over from Edward Heath.

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale

The Labour life peer, Robin Corbett, Lord Corbett of Castle Vale died on 17 February 2012 aged 78.

Lord Corbett became a life peer in July 2001 and was chair of the Labour peer’s group in the House of Lords for the last six years.

A former Labour MP Corbett was an opposition spokesman, a party whip and chairman of the Home Affairs Committee before retirement and joining the House of Lords.

Lord Hooson

The Liberal Democrat life peer, Hugh Emlyn Hooson, Lord Hooson died on 21 February 2012 aged 86.

Lord Hooson became a life peer in July 1979 and championed improvements to the mental health bills (1982, 2007), was against a stricter asylum system, and encouraged police and legal reforms.

He served as MP for Montgomeryshire from 1962 until 1979 and was passionate about Wales. Lord Hooson enjoyed a successful legal career becoming the youngest ever Queen’s Counsel from Wales in 1960 and represented Ian Brady in the Moors murder trial in the 1960s.

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Image: Lord Corbett of Castle Vale / Parliamentary copyright

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