Training the trainer

Learn how to empower others to engage with Parliament. If your organisation, and those you work with, would benefit from a better understanding of Parliament and how to engage effectively with it, the Train the Facilitator programme may be of interest.

What is Train the Facilitator?

The Houses of Parliament Outreach Service has created a facilitator training programme, supported by comprehensive and flexible resources, to enable organisations to deliver approved quality training.

The aim of this programme is to support organisations and networks that want to access and deliver Parliamentary training, enabling their networks, members and delegates to and learn about and engage with the work and processes of Parliament.

The resource consists of 11 modules each including a session plan, group exercises and presentations. Subject areas covered include:

  • What is Parliament
  • how laws are made
  • how to engage successfully with Parliament
  • the role of a Select Committee

Course learning and support

The course materials have been specifically designed to be adapted to suit different learning styles and can be either used as a stand-alone tool-kit, or be incorporated into existing programmes of delivery.

Each module within the resource incorporates a significant element of group interaction to ensure that attendees gain maximum value and include suggested background reading for facilitator and delegates, session plans and materials needed for any exercises.

Materials have been designed in accordance with ‘Accelerated Learning’ best practice and ongoing support is available to all organisations that join the Train the Facilitator programme.

Parliamentary Outreach hopes that this resource will form an important element of the work to continue strengthening the critical connection between Parliament and the public.

Organisations can access this programme by attending a two-day training course which will familiarise them with the content of the resource and allow them to experience all the different activities.

The use of this resource is subject to a user agreement and ongoing support is available to all organisations using this resource.

Upcoming sessions

  • 14 and 15 February – Bristol
  • 17 and 18 April – Liverpool
  • 15 and 16 May - Ipswich
  • 19 and 20 June – Leicester
  • 10 and 11 July - London
  • 18 and 19 September – Birmingham
  • 20 and 21 November – Newcastle

Contact and further information

For further information on the Train the Facilitator programme, please contact:

Parliamentary Outreach
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 2TT
Telephone: 020 7219 1650

Related information

Pam Hill, Skillshare North East:

"I’ve been a trainer for twenty years and it’s one of the best resources I’ve ever come across. It’s beautifully laid out, easy to use, with lots of information. When you’re a trainer you’re looking for something that isn’t complicated but contains all the information you need, and this is the resource for you."

Laura Stone, Voluntary Sector North-West:

"The materials that we have been able to take from Parliamentary Outreach have been invaluable. It’s really helped us deliver the outcomes of our project. Now I can use the materials and go into a neighbourhood and they can influence for themselves as well."

Sue Hooper-Lawrie, Exeter CVS:

"The learning on the course was phenomenal. At the beginning most of us believed all we could do was write to our MP, but so many other options are available and that excited people."