House of Commons

House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
1st March 2012

No. 270

The House met at 10.30 am.


1 Questions to (1) the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

(2) the hon. Member representing the Church Commissioners

1 Business Question (Leader of the House)

1 Private Pensions (Charges, Disclosure and Accountability) Bill: Presentation (Standing Order No. 57)

Mr Gareth Thomas presented a Bill to require firms offering regulated private pensions services to exercise a fiduciary duty of care to consumers and other users of financial services, to exercise due diligence when making decisions on behalf of consumers, to provide clear information to consumers on all charges and costs paid by the consumer or the pension fund on the consumer’s behalf and to disclose any conflict of interest and potential conflict of interest including commercial relationships that might result in or be perceived to result in financial detriment to consumers or undermine the integrity of financial markets; to make provision for disclosure by postcode of the location of investors in private pension funds; to make provision for an Annual General Meeting for each private pension fund; and for connected purposes.

Bill read the first time; to be read a second time on Friday 27 April, and to be printed (Bill 313).

1 Backbench Business (Un-allotted day)

(1) CPI/RPI pensions uprating

Motion made and Question put, That this House notes that the e-petition entitled Public and Private Pension Increases–change from RPI to CPI attracted over 100,000 signatures very quickly, revealing a high level of concern about the Government’s decision to change the indexation for occupational pensions from the Retail Prices Index to the Consumer Price Index, which will mean that many people, both those retired and those yet to retire, will receive less in their pension payments than they were led to expect; and calls on the Government to reintroduce the RPI measure immediately.-(John McDonnell.)

The House divided.

Division No. 481.

Ayes: 33 (Tellers: Grahame M. Morris, Jeremy Corbyn).

Noes: 232 (Tellers: Jenny Willott, Mr Robert Goodwill).

Question accordingly negatived.

(2) Welsh affairs

Resolved, That this House has considered the matter of Welsh affairs.-(Paul Murphy.)

1 Public Petitions

A Public Petition from residents of the South Staffordshire constituency and others relating to Free school transport from Perton (South Staffordshire) was presented and read by Gavin Williamson.

1 Adjournment

Subject: Treatment of the Hazara people in Quetta, Pakistan (Alan Johnson).

Resolved, That this House do now adjourn.-(Bill Wiggin.)

Adjourned at 6.29 pm until Monday 5 March.


Other proceedings

Lords Messages

1 Welfare Reform Bill

The Lords do not insist on their amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill to which the Commons have disagreed.

General Committees: Reports

1 Civil Aviation Bill Committee

Mrs Linda Riordan (Chair) reported written evidence submitted to the Committee.

Written evidence to be published.

1 Financial Services Bill Committee

Mr George Howarth (Chair) reported written evidence submitted to the Committee.

Written evidence to be published.

General Committees: Appointments

The Speaker appoints the Chair of General Committees and members of Programming Sub-Committees, and allocates Statutory Instruments to Delegated Legislation Committees.

The Committee of Selection nominates Members to serve on General Committees (and certain Members to serve on Grand Committees).

1 European Committee B in respect of European Union Documents No. 15936/10, No. 16219/10 and No. 16392/10, relating to the EU Citizenship Reports 2010, and No. 18122/10, relating to the Commission Green Paper on less bureaucracy for citizens: promoting free movement of public documents and recognition of effects of civil status records

Members: Mr Philip Dunne discharged and Michael Fabricant nominated in substitution.

Reports from Select Committees

1 Business, Innovation and Skills Committee

(1) Stamp Prices: Fifteenth Report, with written evidence, to be printed, with the Formal Minutes relating to the Report (HC 1841-I and -II);

(2) Apprenticeships: Evidence, to be printed (HC 1843-i)

(Mr Adrian Bailey).

1 Political and Constitutional Reform Committee

Introducing a statutory register of lobbyists:

(1) Evidence, to be printed (HC 1809-ii);

(2) Written evidence, to be published

(Mr Graham Allen).

John Bercow


The Speaker will take the Chair at 2.30 pm.

Prepared 2nd March 2012

House of Commons

House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
1st March 2012

No. 270

Sitting in Westminster Hall

No. 180

The sitting began at 2.30 pm.


Subject: Rebalancing the Northern Ireland Economy: Corporation Tax in Northern Ireland-First Report from the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, and the Government response; and Air Passenger Duty: Implications for Northern Ireland-Second Report from the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee.

Resolved, That the sitting be now adjourned.-(Mr Shailesh Vara.)

Adjourned at 5.42 pm until Tuesday 6 March.

Lindsay Hoyle

Deputy Speaker

Prepared 2nd March 2012

House of Commons

House of Commons Votes and Proceedings
1st March 2012

No. 270


Papers presented or laid upon the Table:

Papers subject to Affirmative Resolution:

1 Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism

Draft Schedule 5 to the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001 (Modification) Order 2012 (by Act), with an Explanatory Memorandum and an Impact Assessment (by Command) (Secretary Theresa May).

Papers subject to Negative Resolution:

1 Coroners

Lincolnshire (Coroners’ Districts) Order 2012 (S.I., 2012, No. 574), dated 27 February 2012 (by Act), with an Explanatory Memorandum (by Command) (Secretary Kenneth Clarke).

1 Miscellaneous (No. 4, 2012)

Vienna Agreement, done at Vienna on 12 June 1973 (as amended at Vienna, 1 October 1985), establishing an International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks, with an Explanatory Memorandum (by Command) (Cm. 8308) (Secretary William Hague).

1 Pensions

Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Levies – Amendment) Regulations 2012 (S.I., 2012, No. 539), dated 25 February 2012 (by Act), with an Explanatory Memorandum (by Command) (Secretary Iain Duncan Smith).

Other Papers:

1 Treaty Series (No. 18, 2012)

Convention, done at Budapest on 23 November 2001, on Cybercrime (by Command) (Cm. 8309) (Secretary William Hague).


Wednesday 29 February

Item 23, Energy and Climate Change and Environmental Audit Committees, should read:

Solar power feed-in tariffs: Government Response to the Ninth Report from the Energy and Climate Change Committee and Tenth Report from the Environmental Audit Committee:

(1) Eleventh Special Report of the Energy and Climate Change Committee and Eighth Special Report of the Environmental Audit Committee, to be printed (HC 1858);

(2) Written evidence, to be published

(Mr Tim Yeo).

Prepared 2nd March 2012