Lords by party and type of peerage

Membership: 1 March 2012


Party Life Peers Excepted
Hereditary Peers*
Bishops Total
Conservative 169 48 217
Labour 234 4 238
Liberal Democrat 86 4 90
Crossbench 154 32 186
Bishops 25 25
Other** 28 2 30






Note: This table excludes 21 Members who are on leave of absence, three who are suspended, 13 disqualified as senior members of the judiciary and one disqualified as an MEP.

By type Men Women Total
Archbishops and bishops 25 0 25
Life Peers under the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876 22 1 23
Life Peers under the Life Peerages Act 1958 506 178 684
Peers under the House of Lords Act 1999 90 2 92
TOTAL 643 181 824

* Made up of 74 peers elected by parties and groups, 15 peers elected by the whole House and one royal office-holder (the Earl Marshal). The second royal office-holder (the Lord Great Chamberlain), and one peer elected by the Crossbench peers, are currently on leave of absence.

**These are:

Other political parties:
L. Bannside: DUP
L. Browne of Belmont: DUP
L. Elis-Thomas: Plaid Cymru
L. Empey: UUP
L. Laird: UUP
L. Maginnis of Drumglass: UUP
L. Morrow: DUP
B. Paisley of St George's: DUP
L. Pearson of Rannoch: UKIP
L. Rogan: UUP
L. Rooker: Labour Independent
L. Stevens of Ludgate: Conservative Independent
L. Stoddart of Swindon: Independent Labour
L. Wigley: Plaid Cymru
L. Willoughby de Broke: UKIP

Non affiliated Members:
L. Archer of Weston-Super-Mare
L. Bhatia
L. Black of Crossharbour
L. Brabazon of Tara: Chairman of Committees
L. Collins of Mapesbury
B. D'Souza: Lord Speaker 
L. Jacobs
L. Kalms
L. Paul
L. Roper: Principal Deputy Chairman of Committees
L. Smith of Finsbury 
B. Tonge
L. Truscott
L. Watson of Invergowrie
B. Young of Old Scone

This information is updated monthly. As at 6pm 29 February 2012.