Work experience

The House of Commons offers work experience for a period of one to two weeks. Although usually undertaken by secondary school students as part of their careers education, all individuals who are 14+ can take part in work experience.

The House promotes a ‘hands-on’ work experience which is distinct from ‘work shadowing’ (observing employees’ tasks). Although shadowing may form part of the experience, the majority of time will be actively taking part in work-based tasks.

What can I do?

The House of Commons is made up of a number of departments and offices. Roles vary from committee clerks to chefs, HR officers to craft & maintenance specialists. You can apply for work experience in all departments. To find out more information about the departments you can gain work experience in, please go to the Departments & Offices of the House of Commons webpage.

For general information on the other departments and offices of the House of Commons, please visit the Commons Offices webpage.

If you would like to apply for work experience with an MP, you need to contact their constituency office directly. More information can be found on the w4mp website.

How do I apply for work experience?

We require all applicants for work experience to complete an application form. This form gives you the opportunity to tell us why you really want to do work experience at the House of Commons and what you want to get out of your time with us.

You can obtain the application form by emailing You will receive an automated response containing the application form and further information. It is important you read all the information. Once complete, please return to the same email address or by post to: Work Experience Applications, Learning & Development, Department of HR & Change, 7 Millbank, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.

If, for any reason, you are unable to complete the form or you have any other enquiries, please email

Please note that due to the volume of application forms we receive, we are unable to guarantee places. It is very important that prospective students continue to look for alternative placements in the meantime.

Hints and tips

  • Remember to do your research thoroughly before completing your application form.
  • Research the departments and roles that we have at the House of Commons and think about why you want to work in a particular department/office and how you can demonstrate this in your application form.
  • Be realistic in what you are applying for: We are unable offer you work experience with the Prime Minister. There are many other interesting and important parts of the House you may be interested in.
  • As the work experience team receive such a high number of requests, please do not frequently chase up how your application is doing – we will respond to you at least 2-4 months before your requested dates to let you know if you have been successful.
  • Apply as far in advance as you possibly can. We recommend that you apply 6-12 months before you wish to begin your work experience.

Commons Information Office

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Apply for work experience

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