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We produce two e-newsletters:

  • E-news for teachers focuses on events for teachers and students, including new resources, school visits to Parliament and teacher training.
  • Central Lobby focuses on news from Parliament including current legislation, Select Committee reports and updates on debates in the House of Commons and House of Lords.

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Parliament's services are all free and have been designed to support the political literacy and citizenship education requirements of the national curricula in the UK. 


What is E-news for teachers?

Every month we’ll update you on the events, programmes, resources and web content offered by our service.

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  • Competitions and activities for students
    Get the latest news and application information for annual competitions and awards including the Speaker's School Council Awards, the Lights, Camera, Parliament! film competition, and the BBC Schools Question Time challenge.
  • Teaching about Parliament and political literacy
    Find out about training days, seminars and resources available to support the citizenship curriculum.
  • New online content
    As our website grows we'll keep you updated on how to best use its resources, games and activities.
  • Visiting Westminster
    Get news about our visits programme for bringing your students to the Palace of Westminster.
  • Parliament visiting your school
    Our outreach programme runs student workshops and teacher training across the UK.

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What is Central Lobby?

Central Lobby keeps you up-to-date with the latest news from both Houses of Parliament, including committee inquiries, new legislation, and debates in the chambers of the House of Commons and House of Lords. It provides contemporary examples for you to use in lessons about citizenship, politics and related subjects.

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  • A regular focus on issues under debate in the Houses of Parliament. Recent editions have focused on personal freedoms, the reform of health and social care, and the AV referendum.
  • Ideas for activities in the classroom to help your students explore these issues.
  • Links to the latest information and resources on current affairs provided by the House of Commons and House of Lords Libraries and Information Offices.
  • Video interviews with MPs, Members of the House of Lords, and others.
  • Who am I? - a focus on the roles of different members of staff at the Houses of Parliament.

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