Parliament explained

Parliament - it shouldn't be a mystery. Unravel what goes on in the Westminster Parliament today. And explore what happened in the past...

Understand the basics

What is Parliament?

What Parliament doesMPs, Lords and the Queen work together to make and change the laws of the United Kingdom. Parliament also checks the work of the government.


Parliament players

Members of the House of LordsIf politics is theatre, then this is the cast. Work out who's who, and find out about the people who are making decisions on your behalf. 


A really useful guide to how laws are made

Map of UK (iStock photos)For KS4 students who want more detail, this resource provides a gateway into learning about real-world UK lawmaking.


Democracy, elections and voting

General elections and votingGet the basics about elections and Parliament, including a section on how referendums work and when they have been used in the UK.


Popvox: A first-time voter's guide

Popvox: A first-time voter's guideThis handy guide explores the voting process during a general election and gives young people useful tips for making up their minds about how to vote.



Parliament in pictures

State Opening of ParliamentGo behind the scenes with these photo stories exploring the buildings and big events at the Houses of Parliament.


Parliament in the past


An interactive history of Parliament

Houses of History interactive timelineThis is no ordinary timeline. Watch playful animations while exploring nearly one thousand years of British and parliamentary history.


The Gunpowder Plot

Guy Fawkes from 'The Gunpowder Plot Conspirators, 1605'; National Portrait Gallery, LondonThe story of how the famous Guy Fawkes nearly succeeded in blowing up the King of England.


Women in politics

Women in politicsFind out about some of the female MPs and Peers in Parliament today and in the past and how they have made their mark on British politics.

Play MyUK today!

Start playing MyUKTake charge of Britain, make new laws, and create a country to call your own.

MPs: In their own words

Natascha Engel MP: How you become an MPHow do MPs get their jobs in the House of Commons? Natascha Engel MP explains.