Members of the House of Lords

This section outlines further information on the role and work of the House of Lords.

Different types of Lords

The Lords currently has around 830 Members, and there are three different types: life Peers, bishops and elected hereditary Peers.

History of the House of Lords

Guide to the key dates in the evolution of the House of Lords.

How do you become a Member of the House of Lords?

There are now a number of routes by which Members can join the House of Lords.

Members of the Lords: allowances

A new system of financial support for Members came into effect from 1 October 2010 – find out more.

Membership of the House of Lords

Further information on the changing membership of the House of Lords, the different categories of Members and the routes by which Members are appointed to the House.


MPs and Members of the House of Lords are expected to adhere to high standards in their public life.

What individual Lords do

The Lords work in Parliament's second chamber - the House of Lords - and complement and operate alongside the business of the House of Commons.

What the House of Lords Does

Find out more about the work of the House of Lords, including role, functions and powers.

Related information

Additional material can be obtained from the House of Lords Information Office, including the following: