Overseas visitors

Overseas visitors can watch laws being made, attend debates and watch committees when Parliament is in session.They can visit the Archives on Mondays to Fridays and tour Parliament on Saturdays and during Summer Opening.

Saturday and Summer Opening

On Saturdays and during the Summer Opening, UK residents and overseas visitors can buy tickets to tour Parliament

Contemporary portraiture in Portcullis House

Specialist guided tours focusing on the art and architecture of Portcullis House are available on selected Fridays throughout 2012

Royalty and splendour in the House of Lords

Exclusive guided tours focusing on the art and decorative arts of the House of Lords are available on selected Friday evenings throughout 2012

Attend debates

Visit public galleries in either the House of Commons or the House of Lords and watch members question the government and debate current issues and legislation

Watch committees

A large part of the work of the House of Commons and the House of Lords happens in committees, made up by smaller groups of MPs or Lords

Question time

Find out how you can watch government ministers answer questions from members of the House on government policy and topical issues

Westminster Hall debates

The House of Commons also sits in an additional room just off Westminster Hall. Find out how you can watch the debates and what type of business takes place

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