Help with Find your MP

What do we do with your information?

We will store the content of your message and IP address for 6 weeks. This information will be automatically deleted. We need to keep it for this long to monitor and prevent abuse of the service. We will retain information such as email address, name of sender and name of MP the email was sent to for 6 months so that we can verify whether emails were sent through the service. The content of the emails will be deleted after 6 weeks. We will retain non-personal information for use in statistics such as the number of emails sent through the service by constituency or MP.

How does the system work?

 The system is based on constituency boundary data and postcode data supplied by Ordnance Survey. The system works by checking which constituency boundary the centre of the area covered by the postcode is within. If the centre of the postcode is within 50 metres of a constituency boundary a warning message is given as this postcode may possibly cross a constituency boundary. As the search is carried out using the position of postcodes and boundaries, it is generally not possible to produce a list of postcodes lying within a constituency

My postcode is not recognised, what can I do?

First, check you entered your full postcode correctly and try the search again. If this still does not work it may be that the postcode has been changed recently or is for a new dwelling. There is a short lag between the Post Office issuing new postcodes and them becoming available on the Find your MP service. You can also contact the Electoral Administration Officer at your local council or the House of Commons Information Office, who can check your Member of Parliament based on your full address. My postcode is near to the constituency boundary.

How do I check which constituency I am in?

Most postcodes do not cross constituency boundaries. However, this warning was introduced to make sure that incorrect constituencies are not given by the Find your MP service. Any postcode which has its centre within 50 metres of the constituency boundary produces this warning. In most cases the search result will be correct. If you do want to check the result you can either contact you local electoral administration officer or the House of Commons Information Office. You can also check using the website Either enter your local authority or the constituency suggested by the Find your MP service. You will then be shown a map of the area. You can zoom in by entering your postcode and by showing the constituency boundaries you can see which side of the line your postcode is.

I want to know who my Member of the European Parliament is?

You can contact the European Parliament's UK Office on 020 7227 4300 or look at their website.

I want to know who is my Member of the National Assembly for Wales, Scottish Parliament or Northern Ireland Assembly?

For the National Assembly for Wales you can also contact their public information section. The Scottish Parliament has a postcode search facility. The Northern Ireland Assembly lists members by constituency on its website.