This page gives information and guidance to help visitors to the Parliament website. Help provided includes how to navigate your way around the site, the A-Z index and the Search engine.

Help when using the site

Navigation pages

The Parliament homepage reflect the work of the Houses of Parliament. The top navigation bar sets out seven different sections of the website. These are: Visiting, About, Parliamentary Business, MPs, Lords and Offices, Get involved, Topical Issues and Education. You can click on each of these sections to navigate to the section you need.

The Parliament homepage also has links to the homepages of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

There are four website highlights which point to new content or topical information on the website. You can click on each of the images to navigate to the section you want.

Below the website highlights are four tabs: What's on, Parliamentary News, Topical Issues and Bills and Legislation. You can click on these tabs to navigate to the Parliamentary calendar, news, topic pages and latest information on Bills going through Parliament.

We review the navigation of the website constantly and have tried to develop an intuitive structure for users to work through. If you come across any pages where you feel changes should be made, please send you suggestions to the Webmaster

The A-Z Index

A useful page on the website which will help you to find information you need, is the A-Z Index. We have included relevant links that will allow a user to find the page of information they are looking for from accessibility to You and Your MP. The Index is updated when a new subject area is added to the site.

Search tips

The site has a basic Search Engine as well as an Advance Search page which will allow the user to track down material they are searching for on the site.

The search engine is kept under review and we are interested in receiving Feedback About the Search Engine. If you still can't find a specific area of the site, contact the Webmaster, who will try to offer some guidance.

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