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We are working to improve access to our website. Due to the large amount of legacy content, we are taking a phased approach to ensure all pages conform to the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

The Web Centre welcomes suggestions and feedback to improve accessibility on its website. If you are experiencing any difficulties accessing the information set out on our pages, please contact Webmaster.


A number of documents are provided as Adobe PDFs. If you need advice about how to access PDF material, please see information about Pdf readers.

Visit (external link) for free tools that will convert PDFs to plain text or HTML, and for further information about PDFs and accessibility.

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The Parliament Procurement service provides expertise and support, covering a wide variety of requirements, to deliver world-class services to Members, staff and visitors to the Estate, and helps to maintain the infrastructure of a World Heritage site.

Privacy policy

This page sets out the controls the House of Commons and House of Lords has in place to protect any information you may send to us through the website.