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Our Student Council stands for three C's: Communication, Collectivism and Constitution. In our student council we make sure that each member communicates with each other. Collectivism plays a major part in our student council. We have a constitution for our student council and each member has to follow the constitution otherwise they there will be consequences.

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Top tips

  1. Ensure collectivism is a factor in your student council.
  2. Make sure each student council member communicates with each other.
  3. Have a constitution that each student council member can follow.

Project title: E pluribus unum

Our main aim for this project was to create a marketing plan for our college in order to attract potential students. The Student Council started this project by thinking of different ways to market our college. The final idea the student council came up with was a phone application which could be downloaded on any Smartphone. The phone application was a link to our college website where students could check their college e-mails or potential students could see the prospectus. By developing this phone application our college has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The Ayes to the Left: 1 and The Ayes to the Right: 7

The Ayes to the Left: 1 and The Ayes to the Right: 7

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