Parkinson Lane Community Primary School

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We provide opportunities that impact on the wider community through our work with the Interschool Parliament. This a body of representatives from 5 different schools. Collectively we tackle pertinent issues that affect our children and the community by providing a voice for each and everyone. Through our vision and drive we lead this exciting initiative by promoting community cohesion locally, nationally and internationally.

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Top tips

  1. Liaise effectively with all stakeholders in order for the school council’s decisions to make a positive impact on the children / community. Do your research, consult and invite specialist guest speakers.

We have an ongoing project - driving the Interschool Parliament forward. The children have a more effective voice with a direct impact on the wider community, thus making positive changes to our future lives. The vision came to fruition through our collaboration with other representatives; identifying issues relevant to us all. We have already addressed the sensitive issue of crime by inviting a Police Inspector to our meeting therefore, enabling greater cohesion between the police, residents and wider community. We will relentlessly continue to address other issues in the future.