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learning more about being an Artist at our Careers Fair
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St Catherine's School Council provides a voice for all pupils in our school. We work hard to make the link between our school and our local community in a positive and inspiring way. We listen and act on what we hear!

Top tips

  1. Buddy up younger SC reps with older reps so they can confidently make their voice heard at meetings.
  2. Meet with school governors to ensure you have a say in the things that matter to the pupils.
  3. Report back to your class.

Project title: Careers Fair

St Catherine's School Council held a Careers Fair for the whole school.  They invited members of the school community and parents to set up a stall in our hall so children could go and visit and learn more about different careers and jobs.  The goal was to inspire and learn more about the world of work and what you need to do to get there!  We had 25 people from a variety of careers - actress, sports commentator, artist, driver, hairdresser to name a few!  It was a great success and made everyone think more about where and what they wanted to be in the future.