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About Parliament Video and Audio

Video and Audio carries live and archived coverage of all UK Parliament proceedings taking place in public, including debates and committee meetings of both Houses. The material is then available from an on-demand archive going back to 1st July 2009. The site has links to order papers and background papers and also carries videos explaining how Parliament works.

As many as 18 live streams are available simultaneously. Coverage of debates in the chambers of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, Sittings in Westminster Hall and up to four committees at a time receive full audio-visual coverage.

Other committees meeting in public are currently covered in audio-only but from October 2006 we are exploring the potential of automated webcameras. Picture size and both picture and sound quality generally have also been increased.

The Video and Audio site is operated by The Twofour Group on behalf of the UK Parliament. The full Parliamentary tape archive is administered by the Parliamentary Recording Unit and can supply tape, CD and DVD recordings of proceedings at modest cost. We welcome your comments on this service and suggestions for future developments. Please help us by directing your query to the correct team: