Briefing papers

Our illustrated briefing papers provide quick guides to the role and functions of the House of Lords and its integral part in the work of Parliament.

Contact the House of Lords Information Office for free copies of any briefing paper or our public information pack.

Users of screen magnification and text-to-speech software can contact the House of Lords Information Office for Word format versions of the briefing papers.

What the Lords and its Members do

Our booklet gives a quick guide to the role of the House of Lords and its Members and shows how the Lords makes a vital contribution to the UK’s democracy by checking plans for laws, testing public policy and challenging government decisions.

Making laws

Turning Bills from draft laws into Acts of Parliament:

Work, membership and committees

Using Members of the Lords’ expertise and experiences to examine specific topics:

History and reform

Key dates and events in the evolution of the House of Lords:

Lords Information Office

Contact the Lords Information Office with general enquiries about the House of Lords.

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