Other Committees

This page lists all of the other Committees which are not part of the Commons, Lords or Joint Committees

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  • Administration Estimate Audit

    The Administration Estimate Audit Committee has general oversight of the work of internal audit and review on behalf of the House of Commons Commission

  • Arms Export Controls (Committees on)

    Made up of members of the committees on Business, Innovation and Skills; Defence; Foreign Affairs and International Development, the Committees on Arms Export Controls examines the government's policy on strategic export controls



  • Ecclesiastical Committee

    The Ecclesiastical Committee examines draft measures presented to it by the Legislative Committee of the General Synod of the Church of England


  • House of Lords Audit Committee

    The House of Lords Audit Committee is appointed to consider internal and external audit reports and other material, and to assess management responses


  • Leader's Group on Members Leaving the House

    The Leader's Group on Members Leaving the House to identify options for allowing Members to leave the House of Lords permanently.

  • Leader's Group on Working Practices

    The Leader's Group on the Working Practices of the House of Lords was established to consider the working practices of the House and the operation of self-regulation; and to make recommendations.


  • Members Estimate Audit Committee

    The Members Estimate Audit Committee has general oversight of the work of internal audit and review relating to the Members Estimate

  • Members Estimate Committee

    The Members Estimate Committee considers matters relating to MPs’ pay and allowances on behalf of the House of Commons. It has the same membership as the House of Commons Commission


  • Panel of Chairs

  • Public Accounts Commission

    The principal role of the Public Accounts Commission is to examine the National Audit Office Estimates, to consider Reports from the appointed auditor of the National Audit Office, and to report from time to time


  • Security (Joint Committee)

    The Joint Committee on Security is an advisory committee of members of both Houses appointed by Mr Speaker and the House Committee of the House of Lords to make recommendations to Mr Speaker and the Lord Speaker on the security of the Parliamentary Estate

  • Speaker’s Committee for IPSA

    The Committee considers the proposed candidates for Chair and members of Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

  • Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission

    The Speaker's Committee was established by the same Act of Parliament that created the Electoral Commission

  • Speaker's Conference

    The Speaker’s Conference was appointed to consider, and make recommendations for rectifying, the disparity between the representation of women, ethnic minorities and disabled people in the House of Commons and their representation in the UK population at


  • Works of Art

    The Committee is appointed by the Speaker to advise on matters relating to works of art in the House of Commons

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