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Richard Coeur de Lion conservation work

The bronze statue of Richard Coeur de Lion which stands in front of the House of Lords has been undergoing conservation this summer.

Portrait of Tony Blair

The only official portrait of former Prime Minister Tony Blair to be painted while he was in power is hung in Portcullis House.

Bust of Sir John Major

A bronze bust of former Prime Minister, Sir John Major is on display in the Members' Lobby of the House of Commons

Baroness Thatcher statue

Antony Dufort's bronze statue of Baroness Thatcher was unveiled in February 2007, and is on display in Members’ Lobby in the House of Commons

Portrait of Neville Chamberlain

A portrait of Neville Chamberlain by Sir William Orpen is on display in Portcullis House

Portrait of Ian Paisley

A portrait of the Rt Hon Ian Paisley MP, painted by Mark Shields joins the Parliamentary Art Collection at the House of Commons.

Portrait of Kenneth Clarke

A portrait of Kenneth Clarke commissioned by the Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art was unveiled in December 2007 in Portcullis House

Cromwell conservation work

Conservation work took place on the statue of Oliver Cromwell in 2008, completed in time for the 350th anniversary of Cromwell’s death

Portrait of Michael Howard

A portrait of the Rt Hon Michael Howard MP, painted by Richard Stone and commissioned by the Speaker's Advisory Committee on Works of Art joins the contemporary hang in Portcullis House from 11 June 2009.

Bust of Jeremy Thorpe

Bust of former Liberal Party Leader, the Rt Hon Jeremy Thorpe, joins Parliamentary Art Collection

Photographic commission of Parliamentarians

The Speakers Advisory Committee on Works of Art have commissioned photographer Amit Lennon to produce a series of photographic portraits of seven parliamentarians.

Three former Prime Ministers

Busts of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, Andrew Bonar Law and Neville Chamberlain are new additions to the House of Commons Works of Art Collection

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