UK visitors

UK residents can visit Parliament to watch laws being made, attend debates, watch committees, use the Archives, tour the estate and climb the Clock Tower (Big Ben).

Attend a debate

UK residents can watch the proceedings including questions, debates on major issues and proposed new laws being discussed in both Houses by visiting the public galleries when Parliament is in session. Tickets from your MP or a member of the House of Lords are necessary to guarantee entrance to Question Time and Prime Minister's Question Time in the House of Commons.

Those without tickets will need to join the public queue and be admitted as and when space in the galleries becomes available.  At busy times it may be necessary to queue for several hours.

Watch a committee

Public committee sessions are open to everyone, including the press. There are meetings Monday to Thursday most weeks when Parliament is sitting (meeting). Visitors queue on the day as places cannot be booked in advance.

Arrange a tour

Free guided tours are available throughout the year by requesting a place through your MP or a member of the House of Lords. Please note that tours are very popular and places are limited so generally have to be booked about six months in advance.

Visitors can pay for a tour on Saturdays or during the Summer Opening. Tickets can be purchased in advance or by queuing on the day.

Visit the Parliamentary Archives

The Archives are open from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm. Proof of identity is required but no tickets are issued and there is no need to contact your MP in advance.

Climb the Clock Tower (Big Ben)

Tours are free but must be arranged in through your MP or a member of the House of Lords.

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Security information

A number of simple security measures have been put into place for the safety of all our visitors. Please take note of them before and during your visit.

  • Searches, similar to those used in airports, will be conducted on entry.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off.
  • Cameras cannot be used, except in Westminster Hall.
Where do I go?

Lost in the wilds of Westminster? Find your bearings with our maps of the parliamentary estate and the surrounding area.

Saturday and Summer Opening

On Saturdays and during the Summer Opening, UK residents and overseas visitors can buy tickets in advance or queue on the day to tour Parliament.

Need a wheelchair?

A limited number of wheelchairs are available if requested in advance. Call 0207 219 3003.

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