Political Parties Represented at Parliament

This page contains the links to all Political parties that are represented in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.


Further Information

Current State of the Parties giving details of seats won at the last election. Information on elections is available on our Useful Links: Elections page or on the background information about Elections which is as part of the Introduction to Parliament series.

Additional information about Government and Opposition posts is available from our MPs, Lords and Offices page.

There is also a separate page for information about the Devolved Parliaments and Assemblies in the UK.

Find your MP - check which constituency you are in and who your MP is by entering your postcode.

Related Links (External sites)

British Politics Group - a nonpartisan research organization interested in British politics.

Constitution Unit - based at University College London, it is independent and non-partisan reviewing constitutional reform and comparative constitutional studies.

Electoral Commission - an independent body that was set up by the UK Parliament in November 2000 and work to increase public confidence in the democratic process by modernising the electoral process, promoting public awareness of electoral matters, and regulating political parties.

London School of Economics - has good links to other political sites

Political Resources on the Net - a list of national/international political sites by country (using a world map interface)

W4MP - This site is funded by the House of Commons Finance and Admin Department and offers information to staff working for MPs.

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