The content on this page relates to the work of the Committee until the Dissolution of Parliament on 12 April 2010.

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Lords Constitution Committee

The Constitution Committee examines all Public Bills for constitutional implications and investigates broad constitutional issues. The membership of the Committee draws on the expertise in the House of Lords; it currently includes a former Lord Chief Justice and two former Attorneys General.

The Committee assesses the impact of a Public Bill and, where appropriate, publishes a report on the Bill to inform the House. The Committee also undertakes investigative inquiries into wider constitutional issues and publishes a report with recommendations aimed principally at the Government. The Committee also takes evidence annually from the Lord Chancellor, to clarify the Government€™s position on a range of constitutional issues, and the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales.

The Committee cannot take up a complaint on behalf of an individual or group. We would advise you to contact your Member of Parliament.

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Latest News

Government Responses
Government Response to the Committee's 4th Report of Session 2009-10, The Cabinet Office and the Centre of Government, HL Paper 30.
Government reponses to the Committee's 7th and 11th Reports of 2009-10 published as HL Paper 108 on 29 March 2010.

Recent reports of Session 2009-10

Referendums in the United Kingdom (HL Paper 99) published 7 April 2010.
Meeting with the Chairman of the House of Lords Appointments Commission (HL Paper 109) published 7 April 2010.
Crime and Security Bill (HL Paper 107) published 25 March 2010.
Constitutional Reform and Governance Bill (HL Paper 98) published 18 March 2010.
Meeting with the Lord Chancellor (HL Paper 80) published 18 March 2010.
Annual report for 2008-09 Session (HL Paper 79) published 8 March 2010.
Pre-Legislative Scrutiny in the 2008-09 and 2009-10 Sessions (HL Paper 78) published 8 March 2010.
Annual Report 2008-09 (HL Paper 79) published 8 March 2010.

For other reports published by this Committee please see our reports and publications page.