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About Enhancements

Seekable Live Broadcasts

One of the most requested features to be added to is the ability to re-wind and pause live broadcasts. Previously, the only way to repeat a section of live video has been the "Watch from Start" feature.

With the new "Smooth Streaming" feature, you will be able pause, re-wind and 'seek' Live broadcasts exactly as you would a Video-on-Demand archive, with the added benefit of quick starting and an improved video quality.

This new broadcast technology will be running as a trial on selected meetings. Look for the "Try Beta Smooth Streaming player" link below the video player box.

HTML 5 and Future Technologies

Currently, HTML 5 does not support live video broadcasts, and current clients have difficulty with the very long videos provided on will continue to work towards bringing a good experience the the widest range of viewers, and will continue to explore video delivery platforms. We will also continue to support legacy platforms as far as is practically possible.

What is Silverlight?

Microsoft Silverlight is a plug-in to your web browser, much like Adobe Flash. Silverlight is built on the latest technologies and is a safe, stable and fast way for us to bring you multi-media content in a friendly way.

Silverlight works side-by-side with the existing web site and allows us to bring the full experience of the site the the widest range of browsers and computers.

To check your browser's capabilities, and for further help, click here.

More about Silverlight | FAQ
Novell Moonlight, for Linux