House of Lords Information Office

The House of Lords Information Office acts as a central service for answering queries from Members, staff, the press and the public.

It provides impartial and factual information on the role and work of the House of Lords including:

  • membership
  • current and future business
  • progress of legislation
  • select committees

Most queries are dealt with swiftly. Other sources will be suggested if the Information Office is unable to help. Further links are available on our About the House of Lords page.


Telephone Enquiries

Tel: 020 7219 3107

Hours (during parliamentary session):

  • 10am-6pm (Monday to Thursday)

  • 10am-4pm (Friday)

Hours (during recess):

  • 10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm

Written Enquiries

Written queries, by letter, fax or email, are normally answered within a day or two and always in order of receipt. A telephone call often produces a speedier answer to simple queries.

Mail, faxes and emails intended for individual Members should not be sent via the Information Office.

Mail can be addressed to an individual Member at the House of Lords.

Faxes for Members can be sent to 020 7219 5979.

Letters: Information Service, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW


Fax: 020 7219 0620 (Not for mail to Members)

Please note: The House of Lords Information Office is unable to offer opinions or enter into debates with enquirers.

It is also unable to deal with enquiries on the implementation or interpretation of legislation, once a Bill becomes an Act. Such enquiries should be directed to the relevant government department, as should enquiries relating to government policy, past or present.

Similarily, enquiries relating to the policies of political parties, past or present, should be directed to the relevant political party.

To contact a Member of the House of Lords

Telephone the switchboard (020 7219 3000) who will either transfer you to the relevant office or take a message.

Mail addressed to Members at the House is often forwarded at their request to a different address. If you have a deadline to meet (eg a particular debate or stage of a Bill), always allow time for mail to be redirected.

How to address a Member of the House of Lords

House of Lords Information Office: publications

The work of the House of Lords  (PDF PDF 2.19 MB)
The illustrated 'The work of the House of Lords' describes the work of the House with examples drawn from the previous session. Earlier editions of this publication are available on the current and previous editions webpage.

The House of Lords Information Office also produces:

House of Lords Library Notes

House of Lords Library Notes are compiled for the benefit of Members of Parliament and their personal staff. Authors are available to discuss the contents of the Notes with the Members and their staff but cannot advise members of the general public.

Please see the House of Lords Library Note webpage for further information.

Lords Information Office

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