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Please read the following sections if you are experiencing problems viewing video or audio media.

Your system details could not be determined. You may still be able to view the content of Parliament Live, but operation is not guaranteed and there may be limited functionality. and Internet Explorer 7 or greater.


This website incorporates multimedia content and therefore requires compatible software to be installed on your computer. Specifically, it uses Microsoft Windows Media for both video and audio, with IIS Smooth Streaming alternative available for some meetings.


For optimum viewing experience, we recommend using either Windows Media Player 9 or above or Microsoft Silverlight as media player.

Your browser does not appear to support Microsoft Silverlight.
If you wish to install Silverlight, please visit the Silverlight Homepage, or contact your IT administrator.


Your browser does not appear to support Windows Media.
We recommend you configure another media player to play this content, such as RealPlayer or a player designed for Linux such as MPlayer or Moonlight (which plays Silverlight compatible content)
If you wish to test your configuration, please use this bars and tone video

Get Microsoft Silverlight for an enhanced experience Get Microsoft Silverlight for an enhanced experience

Recommended configuration

Your browser was detected as Internet Explorer 7 or later. You should be able to see all content as intended.


If you are on a corporate LAN, you will most likely be behind a firewall (a device which forbids certain traffic from leaving and entering the network). Usually this is not a problem as our software can send the video and audio the same way that web pages are delivered however some organisations prefer to block this from happening. If you are experiencing problems related to this, please contact your system administrator. You may wish to refer them to this useful document about configuring a firewall for unicast Windows Media streaming.


You will need a sound card and speakers or headphones. Most PCs have this capability. If you are unsure, please ask your system administrator.


To view the web site as intended, you will need your screen resolution set to a size of at least 1024 x 768.

It may be possible to view on a smaller screen, but some elements of the page may be initially off screen, and not all content will be visible at once.

To check your current screen resolution, or to change it, please refer to the help for you specific system.

Other Problems?

If you are still having problems related to the video and audio, please look at the Microsoft Windows Media Knowledge Centre

Video and Audio carries live and archived coverage of all UK Parliament proceedings taking place in public, including debates and committee meetings of both Houses. The material is then available from an on-demand archive for 12 months. All material parliamentary copyright © 2010-2011.