Online tours

Parliament has developed a series of virtual tours for you to explore some of its famous buildings and learn about the current work and history of Parliament. The tours can be accessed below.

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Interactive Map of Parliament

The tours can be accessed below or by clicking on this interactive map of Parliament

House of Commons Chamber

Look around the Chamber where MPs make laws and question the Government of the day

House of Lords Chamber

See where Members of the Lords examine legislation and hold the Government to account Lords Visitor Route

Clock tower

Climb the Clock Tower and see Big Ben chime Portcullis House

Victoria Tower

Climb the Victoria Tower and find out where the Acts of Parliament are stored

Westminster Hall

A survivor from the 11th century, the Hall has the largest hammer-beam roof in Europe

St Stephen's Hall and Chapel Cloister

Discover when MPs used to meet in St Stephen's Hall

Central Lobby

The crossroads of Parliament where visitors and constituents can meet MPs and Lords

Committee Rooms

Find out about committees and how they examine issues in detail, from government policy to proposals for new laws

Lords Visitor Route

From Norman Porch to Prince's Chamber - follow the visitor route through the Lords

House of Lords Library

See the Library where research support is given to Members of the Lords

House of Commons Library

See the Library where research support is given to Members of the Commons


Discover how the Victorians went to extreme measures to heat and ventilate Parliament

Portcullis House

Find out about this modern addition to the Parliamentary Estate

Find Your MP

MPs' allowances

Use our searchable database and find out what your MP has claimed in allowances.

Living heritage

An insight into the political, social and cultural roles Parliament has played in the development of British society. Explore Parliament's history and its continuing significance in our lives today.

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Education Service

Studying or teaching students about Parliament? Use Parliament’s Education website which works with schools to help support young people's understanding of Parliament and democracy.

Frequently asked questions

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Listen to a tour of the Commons Chamber and information about information services Parliament provides for the public