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MyUK is now live!

NEW! It's your chance to take charge of Britain. Make the rules and create a country to call your own.

Houses of History timeline

Watch playful animations while exploring nearly a thousand years of British and parliamentary history on this new interactive timeline.

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  • 1000 years in 180 seconds

    A history of Parliament in 3 minutes. This animated film is based on the Houses of History interactive timeline. (all ages)

  • Play MP For A Week
    Play MP For A Week

    Try to survive the week in this award winning game. Can you keep your party and voters happy? (age 11-16)

  • Articles for students

    Parliament ... so what goes on there? And who does what? The basics explained in plain English. 

  • Pound sign
    Paying For It resources

    Free economic awareness materials available from the Citizenship Foundation. (age 14-18)

  • Student Parliaments

    A chance to simulate a House of Commons debate in the Palace of Westminster. Book now! (years 7-13)

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