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Welcome to the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch Website

“Working for Parliamentary Democracy”


The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch (CPA UK) is one of over 175 branches of the Association. Its membership is made up of Members of the United Kingdom Parliament, from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

CPA UK provides opportunities for UK Members of Parliament to liaise with fellow parliamentarians across the Commonwealth in a number of different forums, including seminars, conferences and parliamentary visits. It also acts as a point of contact within Westminster for Commonwealth Members of Parliament visiting the UK.



The requirement for representation of UK members at CPA events including parliamentary strengthening programmes, parliamentary diplomacy, Commonwealth and international conferences, workshops and meetings are advertised periodically on the All-Party Notices.

Members wishing to apply for inclusion in CPA UK  international outreach programmes should complete and return the application form (by the closing date specified for each activity) for consideration by the Nomination Committee.



CPA UK Branch Annual Review 2009/10

 CPA UK Branch Full Accounts 2009/10



The 5th International Parliamentary Governance Seminar

Running from the 14-26 November, the two-week CPA UK Seminar provides a forum for international delegates to discuss issues surrounding the ‘process of governing’, and the practical implementation of democratic principles including scrutiny, accountability, equal and fair participation, and national and international cooperation. The programme includes discussions with UK Members, MEPs and subject experts from key organisations and academic institutions. To provide delegates with a comprehensive programme sessions take place at Westminster, Brussels, a devolved legislature in the UK and locally at a city council.

Latest News

Following the success of the International Parliamentary Climate Change Conference, CPA UK has made all plenary sessions available for download. The conference communiqué is also available online. Please visit our Past Activities Section for more details.

Further news of Branch activities is available on

About CPA UK

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK Branch is one of over 175 branches of the Association.

"Working for Parliamentary Democracy throughout the Commonwealth"

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CPA UK Fellowship Scheme for CPA UK Members

Is there an issue related to one or more Commonwealth country you would like to study in greater detail? Would it be of interest to fellow parliamentarians?

The CPA UK Fellowship Scheme offers financial assistance for Branch members to undertake projects or studies in Commonwealth countries.